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FREE PRIZE to the Shift Momentum Young Business Person of the Year Gold Winner

Shift Momentum is offering the winner of the award they are judging a free place on Series 4 of their Accelerator Programme, they want to give the person some extra support beyond the awards process to take them to Wembley.

The Shift Accelerator Programme (SAP) has been built from the ground up to cover every aspect of growing a business delivered by an experienced and innovative team.

You will over the 6-month programme:

Develop a strategy in line with your vision and mission

Learn how to build effective lead generation campaigns

Join a cohort of people on a similar journey for the period you are with us

Access to our exclusive Shift Business Toolkit

Access to our network to open doors to new opportunities

Resources that will give you access to information and tools geared for growth

Template documents to use in your business as you scale

A 12-month timeline that sees you confident well beyond your time with us

Alex Hughes, the course leader is an award-winning entrepreneur, with multiple businesses and the experience required across various sectors. He brings a team of experts from a wide range of backgrounds, powered by Shift Momentum, that is committed to supporting those that entrust us by enrolling in our programmes.

The ability to take an idea or underperforming business and identify what is required to achieve the results they need in business has enabled him to help hundreds of small businesses. With influence and access to multiple networks, locally and nationally, a unique skill set that gives visibility to future trends and opportunities in the marketplace to be leveraged by all that we work with.

Check out his experience and activity on LinkedIn  – link out

“Having learned from some of the best in business and from personal experience as an Entrepreneur I wanted to bring something of value to others trying to build businesses. In a way that would save time building out complex strategies and expensive preparation, now we take an idea, build effective strategies for scale beyond the visionaries that create them.

We continue to do this with our own ideas and for those that enrol in our programmes, and therefore we can guarantee the support you will receive until you get the result you are looking for. Confidence in what we have access to here, the expertise and support needed to launch businesses.”

Find out more about the award here – https://www.huntsawards.co.uk/categories/award-categories/young-business-person-of-the-year/

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