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FREE PRIZE to the Shifties Micro Business of the Year Gold Winner

Shifties are offering the winner of Micro Business of the Year, a fixed term of consultancy from Shift Momentum. They understand that starting and developing a business is a challenge and it can be difficult to figure out what the next steps are or where to turn. We will therefore work with you to deep dive into your business to figure out where it is now and what needs to happen to ensure you meet your growth goals.

Shift Momentum prides itself on ensuring those they choose to collaborate with on behalf of their clients and investments are those they have witnessed the delivery of what they specialise in, the combinations of their Entrepreneurial Business Consultant’s on their projects are what gives them confidence in the delivery of strategies they develop together for the benefit of their clients.

If you weren’t sure before whether to go for this award, this may just give you the extra incentive to do so. You will meet the Shifties team as part of the process and they have a phenomenal network that you absolutely should look to leverage as part of the process of applying to be Micro Business of the Year.

Enter here – https://www.huntsawards.co.uk/categories/award-categories/micro-business-of-the-year/

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