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Shift Momentum

Platinum Partner

We are Entrepreneurs building our own businesses who operate from a place of current knowledge and agility towards our client’s growth. Our approach focuses on maximising our customers energy and time toward cost-effective methods of growing businesses.

As business owners ourselves we know how tough it can be to succeed. With so much to learn whilst providing a fantastic product or service, Entrepreneurship can be a challenging and lonely place. Over time we have come to realise that when growing a business, it is impossible to take a one size fits all approach. Which is why we pride ourselves on taking the time to fully understand you and your business at an individual level, to ensure you achieve success.

Through our Entrepreneurial Business Consultancy, we bring our experience and ever-expanding network to help you design a successful strategy and implement it across your business. With this plan in place, we then support you in laying the remaining blocks required to build a successful and sustainable company.

We have also developed our Shift Ignite Programme for young, aspiring Entrepreneurs and an Accelerator Programme for more established businesses that want to accelerate growth through the power of cohort learning.